Straight Talking Guide to Standards

Mila’s Technical Director Strafford Cooke is one of the industry’s leading hardware standard specialists and keeps Mila customers updated on changes in relevant legislation which will impact on their business. His guide to window standards is a useful checklist for fabricators.

Straight Talking Guide to Standards PAS24: 2016

This is the current security standard for windows in the UK and it certifies that a
particular window and hardware set has withstood a series of physical tests based on the common methods of burglary. The tests include: infill mechanical test (trying to push the glass out), mechanical loading of the locking points, manipulation test, manual test (attacking the window with tools) and infill manual test (trying to deglaze the window from the outside).

The standard is split into 3 parts: Part A – Security hardware and cylinder test assessment, Part B which applies to doors and Part C - Enhanced security performance for windows.

BS6375 – 1 Weather testing

Tests include air permeability, water tightness and resistance to wind load.

BS6375-1 does not state a recommended performance level for windows or doors but it does have a minimum UK exposure category of 800 to allow a product to be registered.

BS6375 – 2 Performance of windows and doors

This sets performance requirements for the strength and operation of manually operated windows.

Tests include operating forces, mechanical strength, resistance to static torsion, racking, load bearing capacity of safety devices, impact resistance and resistance to continual opening and closing.

In the test, windows are repeatedly opened and closed between 5,000 and 20,000 times.

BS6375 – 3 Classification for additional performance characteristics and guidance on selection and specification

BS6375-3 covers the characteristics of BS EN 14351(CE marking) that are beyond the scope of BS6375. These characteristics may or may not be required depending on the required function of the product being tested.

Tests include: resistance to snow and permanent loads, fire characteristics, dangerous substances, ability to release, acoustic performance, thermal transmittance, radiation properties, durability, bullet resistance, explosion resistance, behaviour between different climates, behaviour under humidity, burglar resistance and power operated products.