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Sheerline launches ‘next generation’ S1 roof lantern

Sheerline has continued to expand its impressive range of innovative aluminium products with the launch of a 'next generation' aluminium roof lantern: the S1. The product is set to "transform the aluminium roof lantern market".

S1 is not only ultra-secure and energy efficient but stylish and modern. Available in three stocked colours across 10 different styles, it has two and four-way options, and is designed around 28mm glazing.

Overlapping cast end caps prevent the bar and top caps from being removed, and anti-tamper screws are provided to attach end caps to roof bars. High-security two- and four-way top caps are also bolted through from the inside, preventing easy removal. The arrangement of the interlocking eaves beam means the glass cannot be removed from the outside and features a unique patent pending glass lock.

Designed with the same innovative Thermlock® multi-chambered thermal breaks as the Classic and Prestige systems, the S1 roof lantern offers maximum thermal performance, from the eaves beam and ridge to each rafter assembly. Cold bridging is prevented by ensuring the aluminium is fully encapsulated below the glass line with a unique co-extruded perimeter seal creating a weathertight seal for enhanced performance and energy efficiency.

The S1 lantern features ultra low line aesthetics, so rafter and hip top caps sit just 8mm above the glazing level on the exterior, creating a sleek modern look. Completing this refined architectural appearance, corner and rafter end caps run perfectly in line with its perimeter.

Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex, said: “We expect the S1 roof lantern to transform the aluminium roof lantern market, much like Classic and Prestige have done for aluminium windows and doors. Not only is it beautiful, but it also tackles some of the security issues that customers face with existing products. The latest addition to the Sheerline family is fabricator friendly and offers easy, trouble-free installation. And it’s available on short, reliable lead times.”